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Special thanks to Atelier Bang Bang

Advertising agencies frequently deal with little disasters that, more often than not, could be avoided or at least contained. Overtime, a power outage or a surprise presentation… Which is why Phoenix, the Creative Studio, decided to create a collection of survival kits to help agencies get through these kinds of situations.

We can also help you with your design, marketing and web development needs. I guess you could say that we are the survival kit to making your projects successful.


What a beautiful surprise! The project you’ve been working on for the past 3 months is due tomorrow morning and the client just asked for 500 last minute changes… Don’t panic, we’ve come up with a simple way to make your upcoming extra hours easier: the Overtime Survival Kit. In it you will find everything you need to overcome the task at hand.

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  • A 150g pouch of Colombian black coffee with a coffee/overtime hours indicator.

  • 4-ounce flask for... Whatever you want/need.

  • Mixtape with integrated 24 song-usb key to keep you motivated.

  • Stress ball to help you keep calm.

  • Earphones to listen to your favorite music.

  • Two 75g peanut butter energy bars to keep your strength up.

  • A badge you can put on your shirt so you don’t get disturbed.

  • A book by Paul Wilson with tricks to keep calm.

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2:55 p.m. Your phone alarm rings and reminds you that in 5 minutes, you have a meeting that you had completely forgotten about. You’re in luck. The Presentation Survival Kit contains everything you need to look stylish and professional in front of your client. Let’s just hope your project is as refined as you now look.

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  • Four cedar pencils to take notes.

  • Two bowties for a presentation with style.

  • Laser pointer for your projections.

  • USB key that communicates via Wi-Fi with the laser pointer to help control the computer.

  • Small hand sanitizer bottle – 30ml.

  • 65g anti-perspirant & deodorant stick.

  • Three Moleskine notebooks.

  • A badge to motivate you and give you the confidence needed for you presentation.

  • A book by Richard Maxwell & Robert Dickman on the Art of persuasion.

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You’re quietly working on a project when suddenly your screen goes black. There is a second of complete silence followed by a symphony of screams across the office… No doubt about it, you’re out of electricity. No worries, the Power Outage Survival Kit has everything you need to pass the time, to keep warm and out of the dark.

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  • A card deck because there’s nothing better than playing under the candlelight.

  • Harmonica to add some life in the office.

  • Two candles to keep you out of the dark.

  • A pair of wool socks to keep you warm.

  • A LED flashlight with 5 hours runtime.

  • Pack of over 250 matches to light the candles.

  • A badge to remind you that everything is OK and to stay calm.

  • Thermal blanket that retains body heat by reflecting heat back to the body.

  • A book by Jack London on the call of the wild that shows you don’t need electricity to be happy.

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